Raul Artacho English

raul artacho

My name is Raúl Artacho, I am 39 years old and I have a degree in Audiovisual Comunication studied at the San Pablo CEU of Valencia. I have also studied theater in Banyadebou School Theater D’Investigació of Valencia.

I am director, actor’s director, screenwriter, editor, actor and acting teacher.

My specialty within the audiovisual world is fiction, in different formats. But I’ve also worked for other private sectors to develop other audiovisual works, always as director and editor both commercials, industrial and promotional videos for clients such as Gasma, town of Bétera, in addition to viral campaigns for social networks like of Film Interpretation.

Within the world of the performing arts I have developed audiovisual functions like Director for Valencia Café Theatre Circuit, or troupes like Pavana Compayia Jácara Theatre or Theatre; related to the letters I have worked as a Journalist Head of Press Office of the Official College of Social Graduates of Valencia, screenwriter and documentary filmmaker for various production companies such as Europrogrammes, or editor for portals like Yelp.es

As an actor I have worked for commercials for customers such as Coca-Cola, Amstel, or Citizens. I also worked for different programs as Canal Sur, Antena 3 and Channel 9.

Also I am acting teacher since 2000. I worked for the University Cardenal Herrera Ceu, Nucine, Laboratory Escénico, or Asperger Association of Valencia.