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Chema Puchades

My name is Chema Puchades, I am 40 years old and I have a degree in Audiovisual Comunication studied at  San Pablo CEU of Valencia. I also have the official title of Google Adwords advertising and SEM Analytics.

I’m a director and I love making shots with any camera.

In 2014 I released my first documentary as a director. It is called Nino F365 and it is a critical view of the world of Fallas of Valencia. A humanized ninot fallero observes around him. His own reflections makes criticism of the indigenous Fallas in the city of Valencia. I took part like a dp in numerous short films and my debut in direction was a story of a young rebel who premiered in 2000. It is called “History”

In my experience in the audiovisual world I have worked fifteen years as a television camera operator doing work for companies like Channel 9, TVE, Forta and Vocento. I have travelled many countries in Europe recording sports and I have covered many major events such as the UEFA Champions League, BBVA League, Premiere League, Basket…etc.

In the final years I have co-produced, performed and participated in the prodution of many spots, advertising and commercials with clients such as the town of Bétera or Gasma.

One of my passions is the task of color grading and editor in postproduction. I like to improving my skills using new tools and software, and I learn going to courses and workshops. I am in constant renewal to learn the latest technologies because I’m in love with what I do and put all my passion in all projects in which I participate.